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27 November 2009 @ 09:19 pm
Midnight [One-shot]  
Title: Midnight
Pairing: Tegopi
Author: laftkeichan
Rating: PG-13

Summary: That midnight, was it love?

Info: Minna sorry for the late update. and sorry but i still cant continue my on-going fic. But, to make it up to you i made this one-shot fic. i hope you will like it. It's been a while since the last time i write a fic.


Is it possible.. to still believe in love at first sight? How stupid, ne….
They say it only exist in tales and books… or myth..? Maybe… Or is it that we just don’t want to believe in that anymore? That actually that kind of thing still exists…

Tegoshi saw him for the first time that night. And his heart beats a little faster than the usual. He thought he was just nervous and scared of what he’s up to, but it was all pure just because seeing him.

Tegoshi bit his lip trying to convince himself that it’s going to be alright. That man, has already come back to the room, and now it’s only the two of them there. There’s no turning back.

Tegoshi should have been sure about this.

--- ---

Is it really love…. at first sight?

Is this really true?

Tegoshi shouldn’t feel this way about him, they don’t even know each other… but…
How can he fell in love right now…?

It’s a long story, probably the story should tell about Tegoshi first.

Tegoshi Yuya, 20 years old this year. Even though he doesn’t look 20, more like.. 12? He was a normal student, a normal university student. He studies law, shockingly. There’s no part of him that looks like he’s a law student. Even his background life. He lived in a mansion, not his unfortunately. He was adopted by a man, Kimura Takuya.

Tegoshi was brought to the mansion from the orphan house when he was only 10 years old. He thought his life would be so much better, oh yes, it gets better. But it was never that easy just to have a wonderful life and live happily ever after.

Kimura Takuya, the man who raised him… oh not only him, and a few other boys he adopted from the same orphan house too, has this huge business company. But he also has this beautiful lounge where he serves his entire guests with the boys he trained to entertain them. And Tegoshi was one of those boys.

He became good friends with the other boys too since they lived together from small age. He gets educated properly, Kimura-san also took them travelling, it couldn’t get better than this. But they knew once they’ve reached age of 19, they’ll be sent every night to the lounge to meet a few business partner of Kimura-san.

What they will do is just sit beside them, listens to their boring story, pour drinks to them… how tiring. Tegoshi knew it was almost like a host job to do it. And he gets paid, ofcourse Kimura-san gives them money every time they’re done accompanying the guest. And, it’s good money.

So far, Tegoshi doesn’t mind doing this kind of job. He felt like it would be ungrateful to not wanting to do this job. Kimura-san has been very nice and taking care of all of them. Well, he’s a charming man. He’s already in his middle age, but he still looks so good.

Tegoshi’s been working for a year and even though he’s a shy person, he worked really hard to deal with it. To deal with drunken person. He was told that he’s one of the guest’s favorite because he’s cute and small, and he doesn’t talk a lot. Tegoshi finds it’s weird why they asked for him so often. He would just stay quiet, listening to their endless talk and laughs, smile to show a response…. That’s all he ever does.

It would be lying if he said the guest never takes it to another level. There’s a lot of chance the drunk one ask for more like hugging, and touching, or even some of them said that he wanted to take Tegoshi home with him. But Tegoshi always refuses all of it. He just said politely, it’s not part of his job.

He knew at some point the boys are going to do that kind of thing, but Kimura-san never forced them to. If they want to do it with the guest, then the price they get will be higher too.

But Kimura-san has some rules, there are a few boys that he forbid to do that kind of service, he makes them untouchable and precious, and Tegoshi was also one of them. Tegoshi, like some of the chosen boys, wasn’t allowed sleep with the guest.

--- ---

One day, around 3 am.. Kimura-san asked Tegoshi to come to his office in the mansion. It’s just a day before Tegoshi’s 20th birthday.

“Tegoshi..” he said with his heavy voice. He was sitting in a huge comfortable chair, with pipes on his left hand and some paper on his right hand. He’s a busy man, even at home. Tegoshi walked near him and stopped at a proper distance.


“Are you done for tonight?” asked Kimura-san.

“Yes.. We all just got back from the lounge.. Is there something wrong, Kimura-san?” asked Tegoshi back. He worried that he did something bad or maybe there’s a complaint about him. He really wants to know what it is about.

“No, I just have something to talk to you..” said him short. “Tomorrow you don’t have to go to the lounge.. I want you to go somewhere else..”


“I have a very important business partner.. He’s young.. And I want you to be his companion.. He’s staying at Ellias Hotel..” said Kimura-san slowly.

Tegoshi nodded, but actually he was just about to ask Kimura-san whether he could have a day off tomorrow because it was his birthday, but now it’s gone. And he won’t disappoint Kimura-san by blowing off this request. He can’t say he didn’t feel sad a little, but he just thought he’ll celebrate it on the next day.

“Wear yukata, there’s also a summer festival at the Hotel.. Wear the gold one I bought for you last month..” said Kimura-san again, blowing a pipe.

“Uhn!” Tegoshi nods. Yukata, that’s one of his favorite thing. A high class indoor summer festival inside a hotel? There must be super cool decoration.

“Tegoshi.. tomorrow, when you’re with him.. Let him do as he pleases..” said Takuya.
Tegoshi tried to repeat what Kimura-san just said. So, this time he was allowed to do anything with the guest. So the rumors were true, that Kimura-san was saving all those chosen boys for a very special time. Like this one. He pick Tegoshi because Tegoshi was one of his best boy. And the guest was Kimura-san’s very important business partner.

--- ---

Tegoshi arrived at the Hotel with Kimura-san. Kimura-san said that Tegoshi should meet the man named Yamashita Tomohisa at 11pm in room 808. Tegoshi nods, trying to remember the information correctly.

For a moment there he still could follow Kimura-san around, but quickly got separated because Kimura-san got a lot of people to talk to. So Kimura-san told Tegoshi to walks around the big ballroom and just enjoys the festival before the meeting time. But how can he enjoy it?

He kept thinking of a name, Yamashita Tomohisa.

He’s nervous, because maybe that man is somewhere in here, already in the same ballroom as him. But he has no idea which one is he. There are so many business partners around Kimura-san today.

Tegoshi decides to make himself busy with the festival.

Tegoshi tries so many games, but he didn’t win anything. He’s bad at this stuff. He didn’t even manage to catch any goldfish, which is a popular game in the summer. He just wants to have fun so he spent all of his pocket money on ticket for games.

He felt tired after playing the ball shooting game, again, no great achievement. He’s a bit disappointed though he wanted the present so bad, but his score was not enough. So he just stands silently staring at the present behind the glass box.

“That’s the biggest diamond I’ve ever seen..” he mumbles.

Apparently, in such an elite hotel like this, the present for games could be as high as diamonds. And the present Tegoshi wants was a diamond bracelet. It caught his eyes so much that he spent almost half on his money on this game.

Tegoshi sighed. He’s broke, there’s not a single penny anymore in his wallet. But he can’t let go of that bracelet. He won’t be able to afford it in real shop, but in here just by paying ticket there’s a chance to win that bracelet. He wants it so bad he could cry.

“Congratulation, Sir… You got a perfect score…” said the old man behind the stand.

Tegoshi look up, he wanted to see the person who just won the perfect score for this game. He was a tall grown up man, who doesn’t seem to enjoy the games very much. Because he got that sturdy look on his face even after winning the game. He wears a nice suit, just like what Kimura-san wears tonight.

“You may get what you want from the present box…” said the old man. Tegoshi moves a bit away from the glass box that he’s been staring.

“Oh, I don’t need it.. I’m just a little bored..” said the man short and coldly. It seems like he was about to leave that stand.

Tegoshi bit his lips, he know he’s crazy right now. Because he jumps and grabs that man’s hand and prevent him from going.

“Onegai! If you don’t want anything, please take the diamond bracelet for me!”

Tegoshi closed his eyes as he realized the extreme action he just did. He opens his eyes slowly to find the man glancing at him with a strange look. How could he possibly do something this stupid??

It’s all the diamond bracelet’s fault.

Because the man didn’t say anything, Tegoshi let go of his grip. He just stares at the floor. “Sorry.. I didn’t mean to be so rude.. I’m sorry, Sir..”

But then the man lift Tegoshi’s chin with his finger. Narrowed his eyes a little bit. Now Tegoshi can see clearly that tall man’s face. He was handsome.

Suddenly that man points at the diamond bracelet. The old man took it out from the glass box and give it to him. But he shook his head a little bit.

“Give it to this boy..” he said in a low tone.

“Eh? Really???” asked Tegoshi surprised. He received the diamond bracelet he’s been longing for. But the man left without saying anything. Tegoshi didn’t even have the chance to say thank you.

Tegoshi stares at the bracelet in his hand, he felt like he got the best birthday present ever.

--- ---

That business partner name was Yamashita Tomohisa.

Tegoshi pictured him in his mind of some middle aged guy, just a couple years younger than Kimura-san. But he was absolutely wrong. The man in front of him now, in the same room with him was totally the opposite of that.

He was young, tall and…. Handsome. Tegoshi could see his muscular arms behind his white shirt when he took of his jacket and threw it to the chair. He loosen his tie in front of the drawer, Tegoshi could only see his back now.

“What’s your name?” he asked Tegoshi without even turning his head. He has a nice gentle voice.

“My name is.. Tegoshi Yuya..” answered Tegoshi.

Tegoshi thought he was dreaming. This man was the same man that got the perfect score and gave him his diamond bracelet earlier in the ballroom. They met again. He was Yamashita Tomohisa.

“And what are you here for?” he asked Tegoshi.

Tegoshi knew he shouldn’t be this scared. But he was stunned. He didn’t know that Yamapi will ask that right away. And now he’s confused how to answer that.

“I was sent here by Kimura-san.. I was t-..” Tegoshi was very hesitated to continue his
words. Why is it so hard to say? It will happen anyway, he’s already there.

He saw Yamapi now facing his way, he leaned his back at the drawer with hands folded perfectly in front of his chest. They were at some distance but why Tegoshi felt like Yamapi was so close to him, maybe because right now Yamapi’s eyes are observing him, yes he noticed that.

He doesn’t know why when Yamapi did that, the staring, he felt like he’s nude and exposed. Even though he’s still wearing the gold yukata.

“Do you want to drink something, Yamashita-kun?” asked Tegoshi politely, trying to change the atmosphere between them. He turn his body and walked to the mini bar. Actually he was just escaping from Yamapi’s sight.


“Okay..” Tegoshi grabbed a bottle of beer from the small refrigerator. Tegoshi walk closer to give it to Yamapi, who are already sitting at the sofa, resting his head back. “Here you go..”

“Could you open it for me..” asked Yamapi, eyes closed. He looked tired from all the meeting he just had, Kimura-san must be there too.

“Ofcourse..” said Tegoshi.

“Thanks..” said Yamapi. He drank the beer and Tegoshi waited until he talks first. But he didn’t, he just gave sign to Tegoshi to sit beside him on the sofa. Tegoshi did that, now he feels like working at the lounge. The usual night, accompanying someone while they’re drinking.

Yamapi finished the beer very fast, Tegoshi can’t help to see him wiping his lips after the bottle was empty. He felt his cheek went pink. He really clueless on what he should do there right now. Usually the guest will talk and he will listen, but Yamapi isn’t the talking type. He’s really quiet.

Tegoshi was about to stand up to take his ringing cellphone, oh God, he forgot to turn it off. But he didn’t even make a single step suddenly Yamapi pulled his hand until he loses balance and fell to his lap.

With legs spread on Yamapi’s lap and hands are supporting himself on Yamapi’s shoulder, Tegoshi was surprised to found himself in that position.

Tegoshi quickly wants to say sorry, but then he felt Yamapi’s hand on him. Yamapi put his hand on Tegoshi’s waist and slowly making the younger boy leaned on to him until he can reach his soft lips and kiss it.

Tegoshi grabbed a full fist on Yamapi’s shirt when he felt Yamapi’s lips are pressed against him. He never been kissed before, it was his first kiss. He doesn’t know that it feels like that, soft.. wet.. and warm. Yamapi broke the kiss for a second, he stared at Tegoshi who were still closing his eyes.

“Hey..” he called him.

“Yes?” Tegoshi opened his eyes.

“Nice bracelet…” said Yamapi.

Tegoshi stares at his eyes before letting out a small chuckle. “It was a birthday present from a stranger..” said Tegoshi slowly.

“So, today is your birthday?” Yamapi narrowed his eyes. It seems like he realized something about Tegoshi. He just smiled a little at Tegoshi, and Tegoshi can do nothing but to reply his smile with a shy one. He felt so shy, he can’t even think of their position right now.

“Uhn.. I just turn 20 today..” Tegoshi nods.

“Happy birthday..” whispered Yamapi.

Tegoshi felt Yamapi moved his head lower and kissed Tegoshi’s neck. Tegoshi doesn’t know why he let Yamapi do that, it was just right after his first kiss and now he’s getting a first hickey? He’s not ready for this. But he also doesn’t want to stop it. What Yamapi did to him felt so good, and it just keeps getting better.

Tegoshi tried to hold back himself from letting out any weird sounds, but with Yamapi’s hand slowly untying his robe belt and giving his own hands a full access to touch Tegoshi all over his body, he can’t hold it anymore. It just slipped from Tegoshi’s own mouth, the heavy breath sound and better, the moans.

“Yama.. Yamashita-kun..” whispered Tegoshi. “Mhhn.. Nhh..”

“Hmm?” he asked lazily. It seems like he wasn’t planning to stop, but suddenly Tegoshi called him.

“I.. I..”

“Yea? You feel uncomfortable?”

“Uhmm.. No it’s not that.. It feels good.. So good..” said Tegoshi shy. For a moment he can’t believe he talks that frank. Well maybe he’s mind were already blank.

“Then, what’s wrong?” Yamapi asked him.

“ Tonight.. Kimura-san said, I can do anything you want me to..”

That’s all Yamapi needed to hear before he lift Tegoshi slowly, and carries him to the bed.

--- ---

So, that's all for now,
i hope i can continue my on-going fic T_T.

as always comments are LOVE <33
bye minna~
Huey Tsaihuey_tsai on November 27th, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
i know i haven't been alive...but. :O

OH GOD. :D this made me happy. ♥
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:30 am (UTC)
hi there^^
heehe thanks for reading it, huey-chan~
♥  手越祐也  ♥ TEGOSHI YUYA  ♥  데고시 유야  ♥: dream_boys_4_cheek_leftyamap_oukoku on November 29th, 2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
oh .. OH!

I wasn't expecting that; I mean Yamapi ~
he really knows what he wants, quickly.

Aha.. the plot was interesting!
I wanna adopt my own private host, Yu-chan <3

what a weird man that kimura, even in fics ^^;;
raising hosts XD

thank you for sharing!
was fun to read.
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:31 am (UTC)
yes, raising hosts was a bit weird in real life^^
thanks for reading it :)
molapimolapi on November 30th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Tegopi xD
Uda lama jg ga baca tegopi :)

Nice story hehehe
Sayang berhenti dtengah xDD

Btw still waiting uchipi nya XD
Ganbatte pam-chan :)
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:32 am (UTC)
hehehe.. iya ini cerita udah lama sbenernya, cuma baru sempet di post aja^^
i hope the uchipi-love can give me more idea to write the continuation of "confession"..
thanks for reading^^
Micchiohryouchipi on November 30th, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
aku pengen lanjutannya, sequel please???

and kangen Uchipi,
aku harap kamu segera dapet ide buat lanjutin confession, hehe~~~


tego-uchi bakal main dorama bareng,
bakal bagus tu buat bahan fic, hehe
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:33 am (UTC)
sequel?? heehe.. i hope i can write one soon~
iyaa lagi nyari ide nih buat confession, udah lama ga nulis^^

mayuu: tegopi rabu.yuyako16 on November 30th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
feels like i've read this before...no i'm quite certain i have but i don't remember when. sigh~
anyways, this is nice. probably the first tegopi fic i've read in months since i've stopped reading tegopi, but hell~ this is awesome~ and this made me miss you more~

how have you been?
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
thats because i've sent this to jentfanfics for the writing contest around september/october^^
it didnt win, but its still fun~~
thanks for reading it :)
miss you too~
mayuuyuyako16 on November 30th, 2009 02:49 pm (UTC)
oh i knew it~! haha XD
really? that's okay, ne? at least you had lots of fun writing the story and entering the contest ^^
Kristienkaouchan on November 30th, 2009 09:31 am (UTC)
i miss tegopi
koya*machilaftkeichan on November 30th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
thanks for reading it~
criminalscream: koyamayouknowyouwantmecriminalscream on March 5th, 2010 11:19 am (UTC)
I loooooooove it! <3

It's been a really long time since I've been to your journal ne? :P

How are you doing?


gabs_yuuya: boys just wanna have fungabs_yuuya on March 14th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
I liked ^__^ happy that Yamapi was the stranger who gave tego the bracelet *.*
and well he will be the guy who will have all from tego too ^_^
I want host tego for myself too º¬º
huhuh thanks alot for sharing ^_^